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Hoon Hong: Research Overview


My current research goal is to develop for efficiently solving non-linear constraints, arising in science and engineering, and declarative language design.

A constraint is an expression (well formed formula) involving rational numbers, variables (ranging over real numbers), arithemetic functions such as +, -, * , /, relations such as =, >, >=, logical connectives such as and , or , not , quantifers such as forall and exists (formally a formula in the first order theory of real closef field).

A constraint defines a subset of the free variable space, we naturally calls it the solution set. Solving means to extract some useful information about the solution set such as


The main motivation for tackling this problem comes from the observation that numerous problems in science and engineering can be reduced to that of solving constraints. Thus, making progress in solving constraints will have a significant impact on those areas.


I try to achieve efficiency by [Back to Home page]