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MA 722 "Computer Algebra II"

Instructor: Prof. Hoon Hong
SAS 3274, hong@ncsu.edu
Office hour: Mon 9:00-10:00 AM, Wed 1:30-2:30 PM, Fri 11:00-12:00 noon zoom link

Objectives: Learn fundamental and advanced mathematical theories and algorithms for tackling important and challenging problems in algebraic geometry and applications.
Prerequisites: MA 522
GEP: Does not fulfill a General Education Program (GEP) category/co-reqisite
Credit hours: 3

Textbook : No textbook will be required/used. The lectures will be self-contained
References : We will be covering some of the materials from the following books. They are not required, since the lecture will be self-contained. They are listed here in case you want to study some related topics on your own. Most of them are freely available electronically from the library or web sites.
Title Publisher Authors
Modern Computer Algebra Cambridge Uni Press     Gathen, Gerhard
Fundamental Problems of Algorithmic Algebra    Oxford Uni Press Yap
Ideals, Varieties and Algorithms Springer Cox, Little, O'Shea
Using Algebraic Geometry Springer Cox, Little, O'Shea
Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry Springer Basu, Pollack, Roy
Software : Maple and/or Mathematica, (possibly free systems: Macaulay, Singular, Cocoa)
  • One of the most effetive way to learn theories/algorithms is to carry out concrente computations
  • There are numerous computer algebra software. We will be using maple (and/or mathematica) because it is eaiest to learn and most widely available on campus.
  • For Graduate students (working as RA or TA), they can freely downloaded from https://software.ncsu.edu.
  • For other graduate students and undergraduate students, the software is available on almost all desk-top computers on campus. They are also available off campus via http:vcl.ncsu.edu. If you would like to buy one for yourself, it can be purchased at student price (roughly $99) at http:maplesoft.com

Grading: The letter grade will be determined from the total numeric grade as follows:
Letter Grade A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
Total Numeric Grade >= 97 >= 93 >= 90 >= 87 >= 83 >= 80 >= 77 >= 73 >= 70 >= 67 >= 63 >= 60 < 60

The total numeric grade will be the sum of several numeric grades as follows:
Type Quizzes Projects Attendance Total
Max Numeric grade 15 75 10 100

Quizzes: The quizzes will be on materials covered during previous one or two lectures.
They will be either in-class or at-home, depending on the nature of the problems.
In order to prepare for the quizzes, study/master each lecture material before you come to the next lecture.

Projects: The projects will be on several fundamental theory/algorithms.

For each project, you need to submit
1. paper (written in LaTeX)
2. program (written in specified programming language)

Eac project will be graded for
* logical correctness
* psychological correctness (readability)

No late submission will be permitted.

Wisdom (for peace and joy)
* work on the project everyday, making a small progress every day.
* begin to work on each project as soon as it is assigned.

Attendance: Required.
If you have an official excuse, then send it to the instructor and ask the instructor to remove the absence mark from the record.

Helps: Technology lending
Guide for Moodle
Student Health Services
Counseling Center
University Regulations: We are required to adhere to University Policy and Regulations.
You are strongly recommended to read the regulations to learn about your rights and duties. In particular,
Absences and Missed works
Code of Student Conduct

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