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MA 437 "Application of Algebra" Fall 2023

Instructor: Prof. Hoon Hong
SAS (Math/Stat) 3274 hong@ncsu.edu
Zoom Office hour: Tue 3-4 PM and Fri 2-3 PM. Zoom link

Lectures: Lecture hour: Tue/Thu 11:45 AM--1:00 PM
Lecture place: SAS 2102

Objectives: Learn various real-life applications of algebra (linear and abstract).
Textbook/Reference: No required textbook. The lectures will be self-contained.
Optional reference: Applications of Abstract Algebra with Maple and MATLAB (Klima-Sigmon-Stitzinger). Electronic version avaialable from NCSU library
Prerequisites: MA 403 or 407, MA 405

Grading: The letter grade will be determined from the total numeric grade as follows:
Letter Grade A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
Total Numeric Grade >= 97 >= 93 >= 90 >= 87 >= 83 >= 80 >= 77 >= 73 >= 70 >= 67 >= 63 >= 60 < 60

The total numeric grade will be the sum of several numeric grades as follows:
Type Attendance Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Project 5 Project 6 Total
Max Numeric grade 10 15 15 15 15 15 15 100

Projects: The projects will be on varoius real life applications of linear algebra or abstract algebra.

For each project, you need to submit
1. paper (written in LaTeX)
2. program (written in specified programming language)

Eac project will be graded for
* logical correctness
* psychological correctness (readability)

No late submission will be permitted.

Wisdom (for peace and joy)
* work on the project everyday, making a small progress every day.
* begin to work on each project as soon as it is assigned.

Attendance: Required.
If you have an official excuse, then send it to the instructor and ask the instructor to remove the absence mark from the record.

Helps: Technology lending
Student Health Services
Counseling Center
University Regulations: We are required to adhere to University Policy and Regulations.
You are strongly recommended to read the regulations to learn about your rights and duties. In particular,
Absences and Missed works
Code of Student Conduct

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